Rancher Rodeos

Learn to Deploy Containers and Kubernetes in Production

Rancher Rodeos are free, in-depth workshops designed to give DevOps and IT teams the hands-on skills they need to deploy and manage Kubernetes everywhere. These half-day workshops take place in many locations across North America and Europe. The content is delivered by technical experts at Rancher and aim to educate anyone interested in learning how to use containers or Kubernetes.

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Deploy and Manage Kubernetes

What You'll Learn

During these hands-on workshops, our technical experts will provide an introduction to Rancher, Docker, and Kubernetes, and guide you through the steps for deploying a Kubernetes cluster.

The key topics covered at our Rancher Rodeos include:

Docker and Kubernetes Concepts /Architecture

Installation & Configuration of Rancher Server

Kubernetes Cluster Deployment

Application Deployment & Access

Hands-on Interactive Workshops

Who Should Attend

This is a free event, open to anyone who wants to learn about Rancher and is interested in finding out how to deploy and manage Kubernetes in production. If you’re in IT Operations, DevOps, Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture, or InfoSec and want to learn how to use containers or Kubernetes, sign up for a Rancher Rodeo near you.


To get the most out of the Rodeo experience, attendees should have a basic working knowledge of Docker, and come prepared with a laptop computer that has a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Edge). Training sessions are taught using an interactive, web-based tool called HobbyFarm. This tool lets you access compute resources through an in-browser terminal while following along with prepared learning scenarios.

Find a Rancher Rodeo Near You

Feel free to email events@rancher.com with any questions.


The Rodeos are designed to be an interactive, hands-on experience so we encourage attendees to actively participate and engage with our speakers.

30 min
Registration (Breakfast Available)
45 min
Rancher Introduction & Marketplace Overview
30 min
Rodeo Introduction & Overview
  • Rodeo Objectives
  • Explain Docker and Kubernetes Concepts
30 min
Begin Training Session
  • Provision HobbyFarm User Accounts
  • Install Rancher Server
  • Walkthrough of Rancher UI
15 min
Coffee Break
30 min
Kubernetes Deployment
  • Kubernetes Installation
  • Exploring the Cluster with Rancher and the CLI
  • Installing Applications from the Catalog
30 min
Q&A and Advanced Topics (if time permits)
  • Persistent Storage
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Using the Rancher CLI
Upcoming Rancher Rodeos


Check out our list of upcoming Rancher Rodeos below. Click on the location for more information or to register for the event. Are we missing a location near you? Fill out this form to request a Rancher Rodeo in your city!

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Rodeo Speakers

Get to know our team of technical experts who deliver our hands-on trainings.

After starting his career as an Embedded Software Engineer, Sheldon quickly enrolled into the world of Cloud Computing. During his first years as Software Development Tool Specialist, he was responsible for everything from the infrastructure, to optimizing CI/CD pipelines and the software releases, after which he took on the role of Cloud Native Consultant. This is where he got to continue helping clients with migrating their legacy applications to containers and soon after also to Kubernetes as the container orchestration platform.
Sheldon Lo-A-Njoe Field Engineer
Mark has worked as a full stack engineer for over 20 years. He has been developing and delivering private cloud solutions for global enterprises and Fortune 100 companies, helping developers, operators, and executives with strategy, architecture, and the development of cloud native solutions. Mark continues to work with the latest cloud-native developments with a strong interest in solutions that are moving Kubernetes to the Edge.
Mark Abrams Field Engineer
Jason is Rancher Labs' Director of Community as well as the organizer of the Kubernetes Philly meetup. With a heart for teaching, he regularly presents at code camps and other meetups. A recovering software engineer and enterprise consultant, he's worked professionally with everything from COBOL to Go.
Jason van Brackel Consulting Architect, Rancher
Since graduating from university, Kyle has worked to deliver stable enterprise applications, first as a developer and later as a system administrator and integrator. He has always worked to deliver polished solutions, and when training others, he makes sure that the information is accessible and easily understood. He has been using Kubernetes since 2016 and joined Rancher in 2018.
Kyle Rome Field Engineer
Raúl Sanchez has been active with GNU/Linux for more than 20 years. He collaborates on a number of open source projects and has spent his career helping companies innovate, explore new technologies, and run solutions reliably in production. He has extensive experience with DevOps and microservices, and he helps businesses develop the confidence and the skills to run Kubernetes and Rancher.
Raul Sanchez Senior DevOps Engineer
Building on 4 years of experience working with Linux containers, Jan Bruder has been assisting SME and large enterprise organisations in the architecture and implementation of scalable, highly available application environments based on Rancher and Kubernetes. Having a strong developer background in Go, he enjoys building custom tools and services with a focus on Kubernetes and networking. Jan has contributed to several open source software projects in the cloud native ecosystem.
Jan Bruder Field Engineer
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