Rancher Labs provides world-class support that includes complete 24x7 coverage for Rancher, RancherOS, Docker, and Kubernetes.

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Issue Resolution

Run Rancher Labs products with confidence, knowing that the developers who built them are available to help you quickly resolve any issues.


We focus on uncovering the underlying cause of any issue, whether it is related to Rancher, Kubernetes, Docker or your underlying infrastructure.

24x7 Support

We provide tightly defined SLAs, and offer round the clock support options. See our terms of services for more information.

Professional Services

Rancher Labs offers consulting services to help organizations design and deploy their container management platform.

Design Workshops

Our experts can help you develop a container management strategy, as well as provide guidance on the design of the architecture.

Implementation Services

Rancher Labs offers consulting services to help implement Rancher or RancherOS into your new or existing environment.

Engage the Community

Here are some ways you can engage with the open source community:

Visit the forums

The forums are incredibly active, and the best place to chat with other users about issues you might be facing. Visit the forums.

Chat on Slack

If you want to chat with other community members and contributors, you can often find them on the Rancher users channel on Slack. Join the Slack channel.

File a bug on GitHub

If you think you've found a bug, file it under issues on GitHub with as much detail as you can. You can also file issues using the Rancher UI. Go to GitHub.

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