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That includes complete 24x7 coverage for Rancher, Hosted Rancher, RKE, K3s, Longhorn, Docker, and Kubernetes.

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Contact our customer support team who is always willing to answer your questions, resolve issues, or provide additional information. We provide our support services to ensure success at every step of your journey.

24x7 Support

We provide tightly defined SLAs, and offer round the clock support options. See our terms of services for more information.

Support Matrix

Visit our Support Matrix to see all supported features and integrations.

Issue Resolution

Run Rancher Labs products with confidence, knowing that the developers who built them are available to help you quickly resolve any issues.


We focus on uncovering the root cause of any issue, whether it is related to Rancher Labs products, Kubernetes, Docker or your underlying infrastructure.

Innovate with Freedom

Take advantage of our certified compatibility with a wide range of Kubernetes providers, operating systems, and open source software that Rancher includes or has validated its products on. See our support matrix


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Rancher Support pricing is based on the number of Rancher management server clusters and the number of hosts running Rancher or RancherOS. Pricing is available from your regional Rancher sales representative.

Professional Services

Find out about our consulting workshops and implementation services to help you design and deploy your container management platform.


Get trained in Rancher and Kubernetes by one of our experts.

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