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As with any skill, training with experts and peers can speed up your progress.

You’ll get to mastery faster with guidance from experienced practitioners. Our free weekly online training sessions will accelerate your growth in container management. Learn how Kubernetes, Rancher, and cloud native technologies work together to deliver high-quality solutions at scale.

In addition to free weekly online intro and advanced training sessions, Rancher also offers a certification program.

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Rancher is committed to continuing education, so we're running a series of live, online training sessions presented by Rancher customers, partners, users, founders, and engineers.
Each of these sessions will be one hour of education and insight into Kubernetes, Rancher, and other solutions.

Learn to Run Kubernetes Everywhere: Get Certified as a Rancher Operator

Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for deploying container-backed applications at scale, both on-premises and in the cloud. Rancher is the most popular open-source solution for deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters. Learn how to use Rancher with Kubernetes and other cloud-native technologies to accelerate how you build and deploy applications today. Learn more.

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“Rancher provides first-class, total lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters."
— Architect in the Healthcare Industry
“The setup is slick, the performance is Enterprise grade."
— COO in the Manufacturing Industry
“Easy to implement, painfree updates”
— Senior Systems Developer/Integrator in the Government Industry
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