Rancher provides a turnkey solution for delivering Kubernetes clusters to users.

Kubernetes is a powerful container orchestration tool that makes it possible to reliably deploy and operate containerized applications at any scale. Rancher natively supports Kubernetes, making it simple and painless for users to deploy Kubernetes clusters.

Native Kubernetes Experience

When we built Kubernetes into Rancher we chose to expose the entire native Kubernetes experience. Users can leverage all of Kubernetes features, including scheduling, health checks, service discovery, secret management, upgrades and more. Rancher automatically upgrades your environment to the latest version of Kubernetes, and exposes the latest features.

Deploy and Manage Clusters

Rancher is a multi-tenant platform, and allows any team to create Kubernetes environment, and define detailed access control policies for each cluster, based on AD, LDAP or GitHub. Teams can then add hosts to the cluster from any cloud or local resource.

Rancher automatically sets up the Kubernetes environment, deploying etcd, the API server, and all of the services necessary for a reliable deployment. Within five minutes, users have a complete Kubernetes deployment ready for action.

Rich Kubernetes GUI

Users love Rancher because of how easy it makes managing containers. We’ve brought that same approach to Kubernetes, implementing a UI that provides complete visibility into both the infrastructure within your cluster and the apps running on top of it. Rancher makes it easy for teams to learn Kubernetes and then deploy and manage Kubernetes pods, replication controllers and services.

Application Catalog

Rancher provides a powerful application catalog on top of Kubernetes that makes it simple to package Kubernetes configuration files as templates, store them in a Git repo, and share them across your organization. Users can then configure and deploy complex applications, such as distributed databases, monitoring stacks, Hadoop clusters with a single click.

Infrastructure & Application Services

Rancher plugs our core infrastructure and application services into Kubernetes’ extensible architecture. Rancher provides a full software defined networking to manage communication between containers, as well as load balancing services to route host network traffic to Kubernetes services and pods.

Rancher also simplifies DNS configuration by leveraging Rancher DNS as a drop-in replacement for SkyDNS, and gives users access to a powerful metadata service for configuring clustered applications.

Everything is Open (and Awesome)

Both Rancher and Kubernetes are popular open source projects, free for anyone to use and extend as they like. You can find both the Rancher and Kuberentes communities on Github, file issues, contribute fixes, and get involved.

At Rancher Labs, we’ve provide world-class support for companies running Rancher, Kubernetes and Docker in critical production environments.

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