Enterprise-grade Kubernetes Distribution

Kubernetes, commonly known as k8s, is a powerful container orchestration tool for deploying and managing containerized applications. Rancher makes it easy to configure, deploy and manage Kubernetes, on any infrastructure.

The Rancher container management platform includes everything you need to make Kubernetes work in production. A certified and supported Kubernetes distribution makes it easy to take advantage of proven, stable Kubernetes features.

Rancher makes Kubernetes really easy

Setting up, customizing and running Kubernetes can be challenging with a steep learning curve. Rancher container management platform makes it easy for you to manage all aspects of running containers. You no longer need to develop the technical skills required to integrate and maintain a complex set of open source technologies.

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Fully supported Kubernetes distribution

The certified and supported Kubernetes distribution included with Rancher makes it easy for you to take advantage of proven, stable Kubernetes features. Leverage the simple to use Rancher interface to manage underlying containers, execute commands, and fetch logs as well as launch the Kubernetes Dashboard and Helm.

Customizable infrastructure services

Easily define and save different combinations of networking, storage and load balancer drivers as environments. Deploy consistent implementations across any infrastructure, whether it is public cloud, private cloud, a virtualization cluster, or bare-metal servers.

Automated deployments and upgrades

Launch Kubernetes in a matter of minutes - never get stuck with old, outdated and proprietary technologies. Easily stay up-to-date with a stable Kubernetes release as well as adopt upstream bug fixes in a timely manner.

Multi-cluster, multi-cloud deployments

Run multi-node, multi-cloud clusters, and even deploy stateful applications using pluggable infrastructure services. Get complete visibility into all hosts, the containers running in those hosts, and their overall status.

Enterprise- and production-ready

Quickly adopt open source Kubernetes while complying with corporate security and availability standards. Enterprise-grade 24x7x365 support provides the confidence to deploy Kubernetes and containers in production at any scale.

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Kubernetes for the real world

See how one of our Rancher users automates and simplifies Kubernetes cluster deployment and upgrade across multiple clouds, zones, and datacenters.

Get started with Kubernetes

Follow this step-by-step guide, which provides a detailed introduction to deploying and scaling Kubernetes with Rancher.

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