How to Build an Enterprise Kubernetes Strategy

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Code Commits: only half the story

Tom Callway
Tom Callway
August 5, 2019
Read time: 3 min

Some open source vendors think the number of code commits demonstrates their technical prowess and community commitment. I think users care much more about ‘business value’.

Kubernetes Adoption Driving Rancher Labs Momentum

This week Rancher Labs announced a record 161% year-on-year revenue growth, along with a 52% increase in the number of customers in the first half of 2019.

July 23, 2019
Read time: 4 min

The Road to Agile IT is Paved with Containers

Rancher Labs recently hired marketing strategist Peter Smails as Vice President of Marketing. Peter explains why he joins Rancher and the market opportunity for container management software.

July 30, 2019
Read time: 3 min

Introducing Rio - Containers at Their Best

Rancher Labs announces a new project called Rio, a MicroPaaS that can be layered on any standard Kubernetes cluster.

May 21, 2019
Read time: 4 min