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Announcing Rancher 2.0: the next major release of the container management platform

September 26, 2017

Rancher 2.0 logoWe achieved another significant milestone today at Rancher Labs. After months of hard work, our engineering team released a technology preview of the Rancher 2.0 container management platform. Read more

[Press Release] Rancher Labs Launches Rancher 2.0, the First Container Management Platform to Work with Any Kubernetes Cluster

Rancher Labs Launches Rancher 2.0, the First Container Management Platform to Work with Any Kubernetes Cluster

Rancher 2.0 technical preview makes it easier to use both self-managed and cloud-managed Kubernetes clusters

Cupertino, Calif. – September 26, 2017 – Rancher Labs, a provider of container management software, today announced the availability of the technical preview of Rancher 2.0. This latest release makes it possible to manage all Kubernetes clusters under a single Rancher instance. Users can stand up and manage new Kubernetes clusters using the Rancher Kubernetes distribution or import existing Kubernetes clusters, including hosted container services such as Google Container Engine. Read more

Kubernetes Authentication in Rancher and RBAC

September 22, 2017

As of version 1.6.3, Rancher introduced the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) feature in Kubernetes. This feature allows admins to configure different policies that allow or deny access for users and service accounts to Kubernetes API resources.

To better understand how the RBAC feature works, this post will shed light on how authentication works with the Kubernetes API, and how the RBAC authorization module works with authenticated users. Read more

The Similarities and Differences Between Windows and Linux Containers

September 20, 2017

You can run Docker containers on Windows as well as Linux. Although, in many ways, Docker works similarly on these operating systems, there are some differences. Below, I walk through the steps of installing and running Docker on Windows, and point out how they are similar to and different from running Docker on Linux.

Installing Docker on Windows and Linux

Let’s start with installation. The Docker installation process is different on both operating systems. Read more

Installing Rancher - From Single Container to High Availability

September 7, 2017

Any time an organization, team or developer adopts a new platform, there are certain challenges during the setup and configuration process. Often installations have to be restarted from scratch and workloads are lost. This leaves adopters apprehensive about moving forward with new technologies. The cost, risk and effort are too great in the business of today. With Rancher, we’ve established a clear installation and upgrade path so no work is thrown away. Facilitating a smooth upgrade path is key to mitigating against risk and increasing costs. Read more