What’s Cool in Rancher 2.5? A Partner Perspective from SVA

Volkmar Kellermann
Volkmar Kellermann
Gray Calendar Icon November 24, 2020
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Rancher Labs partner SVA shares highlights from Rancher 2.5, including the new Cluster Explorer UI, push-button backups and a new Kubernetes distribution, RKE Governmen

Three Reasons Why Hosted Rancher Makes Your Life Easier

Hosted Rancher is a fully managed, cloud-based instance of Rancher server. You don't need to maintain a separate Kubernetes cluster, install the Rancher application or deal with upgrades. You retain all the control and ownership of your downstream Kubernetes clusters just like the on-prem Rancher experience. We give you three reasons to try Hosted Rancher today: increased business continuity, reduced costs and increased adoption.

November 19, 2020
Read time: 3 min

Introducing Rancher on NetApp HCI: Hybrid Cloud Multicluster Kubernetes Management with Push-Button Ease

Today we’re excited to announce a partnership between NetApp and Rancher to bring multicluster Kubernetes management on premises with NetApp® HCI. Now you can deploy Rancher with push-button ease from NetApp HCI’s management plane, the NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control manageability suite.

November 17, 2020
Read time: 4 min

Scaling Fleet and Kubernetes to a Million Clusters

We created the Fleet Project to provide centralized GitOps-style management of a large number of Kubernetes clusters. A key design goal of Fleet is to be able to manage 1 million geographically distributed clusters. In this blog, I will cover Fleet’s architecture, the method we used to test scale and our findings.

November 11, 2020
Read time: 9 min