Rancher Settings

In the Admin -> Settings page of Rancher, we allow customization of Rancher for different areas of the product.

Host Registration

Before launching any hosts, you will be asked to complete the host registration. This registration sets up how your Rancher server is going to connect with your hosts. If you have already set up access control, you will not be prompted to set host registration as Rancher assumes that your URL will be accessible.

Host Registration on Rancher 1

The setup determines the base URL your hosts will use to connect to the Rancher API. By default, Rancher selects the base URL you used to access the UI. If you choose to change the address, make sure to specify the port that should be used to connect to the Rancher API. If you are configuring Rancher with SSL, be sure to change the protocol to https. This registration setup determines what the command will be for adding custom hosts.

If access control is turned on for Rancher, only the admin will be able to change the host registration. By default, the first admin is the first user to authenticate with Rancher when access control was configured. If access-control is still not configured, any users to the site can update the host registration. This option can be updated in the Admin -> Host Registration tab.


By default, the catalog is enabled with two catalogs, the certified templates from the official Rancher Catalog and the community-catalog. You can select to enable or disable these catalogs.

An admin has the ability to add private catalogs to Rancher. Adding a catalog is as simple as adding a catalog name and the git URL. The correct format of the git URL can be found here. Whenever you add a catalog, it will be immediately available in the catalog.

If you want to create your own private catalog to add, the git repository must be set up in a specific format.

Machine Drivers

Docker-machine drivers can be added into Rancher to add hosts.

Adding Machine Drivers

Click on Add Machine Driver.

  1. Provide a name for the driver to be displayed when adding [other hosts]/docs/rancher/v1.0/en/rancher-ui/infrastructure/hosts/other/).
  2. Provide the Download URL. This URL is the machine driver binary 64-bit Linux.
  3. (Optional) Provide the MD5 Checksum to verify the downloaded driver matches the expected checksum.
  4. When complete, click Create.

After clicking on create, Rancher add the additional driver and will display this option in the Driver field of adding other hosts.