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"Rancher was the only product we found that could provide the enterprise-level access control and container orchestration we required, at an affordable cost. The Rancher developers have been helpful and responsive to our requests, and have been working with their user community to continually improve their software since we first installed it. With Rancher and Docker, we will be able to leverage the power of containers to improve workflow in development, research and teaching."

Steve Shipway,
IT Strategy & Design,
The University of Auckland

"Rancher improved our scalability by providing an amazing all-in-one Docker cluster orchestration tool."

Quentin Hamard,

"Rancher is the most advanced product that we have been testing during our Docker evaluation. The user-friendy UI, the way you can manage containers, the services, the easy installation, are the points which are making the difference. The Rancher team was there when we needed it, for example to help us on load-balancing issues. We believe in the product, and have planned to use it with Jenkins and Docker to make a continuous deployment solution for our application."

Florian Le Galudec,
Ops Engineer,
Orange France

"Rancher is brilliantly architected and augments our existing development processes perfectly. As well as having a great feature set and fantastic support, it fits really well with our culture, which is focused on innovation and agility. By solving so many of the problems which come with managing and scaling a highly-available architecture, it’s given our team a massive productivity boost."

Phil Powell,
CTO, Alertacall

"We rely on Rancher to manage our various microservices and core API in both our lab and multiple production environments. Having a global footprint with multiple facilities is tricky to begin with, and Rancher makes it that much easier. Knowing we have a reliable container management solution in Rancher is one less thing our operators have to lie awake at night thinking about!"

Aaron Welch,
SVP Product,

"Rancher is just awesome! It gives us the best of Docker and cloud philosophy in an out-of-the box, multi-tenant Container-as-a-Service solution. Our dev team gets a real self-service PaaS, and our ops team can easily manage multiple environments."

Alexis Ducastel,
Tech Ops Director
at Makazi

"After trying a number of tools and approaches, we found that Rancher hits that sweet spot of providing powerful container orchestration capabilities without adding too many layers of complexity and additional concepts on top of Docker itself. This has helped prevent the learning curve from getting too steep and made the introduction of new development and deployment workflows much easier."

Luke Bennett,
Customer Systems Development Manager
- Bravissimo Ltd

"Last year I was playing around with Docker and SpringCloud to determine the feasibility of converting one of my client's monolithic applications to a microservice based architecture. Docker is great, but my client as clamoring for a more elegant user experience that is backed up by a robust and yet easy to use orchestration solution. My attention turned to Rancher and I have not looked back since. Rancher's UI and feature set is top-notch. Better yet, the team behind it is amazing! They're experts in all areas of operations, incredibly responsive and truly focused on making their product the best in its class"

Dan MacDonald,

"For enterprises that support diverse DevOps groups, it is imperative to provide visibility and manageability into the ecosystem. Rancher embraces this by following the Docker principal "batteries included but removable." Use any scheduler, overlay network or storage solution across multiple environments and disperse teams, and Rancher will provide the insight and control needed to wrangle cattle wherever they may roam."

Kevin McGrath,
CTO Architect,
Sungard Availability Services

"By migrating from a physical box to a Rancher controlled Docker infrastructure, we have been able to lower the amount of time our teams spend working with builds, and it allows us to quickly scale up or down seamlessly. Rancher has becoming a powerful tool in our DevOps arsenal and I would highly recommend it to anyone."

Jon Whitcraft,
Sr. Devops Engineer,

"We have been using Docker for a long time to support our need for both shared and consistent application deployments across a hybrid cloud+bare metal infrastructure. The key piece that was consistently missing (despite a lot of searching) was the marriage of infrastructure and application orchestration. We immediately saw the promise of Rancher after testing it early in their beta phase. We are now running 2 distributed production applications, along with several internal apps, fully managed through Rancher. The Rancher team’s professionalism and responsiveness to requests/inquiries/bug reports/etc has been outstanding and the product they have built has quickly become a cornerstone of our tech stack"

Gilman Callsen,
co-Founder and CTO
of Pit Rho

"Rancher provides container orchestration for the masses. Object Partners consistently recommends Rancher to many of our clients due to its intuitive user experience, simplistic installation process, and minimal infrastructure requirements. The Rancher team has delivers a great product, provides fantastic support, and continuously engages with their community of users. We love Rancher and believe you will too."

John Engelman,
Chief Technologist,
Object Partners

"Rancher is the only tool on the market that provides the full spectrum of orchestration, ACL and UI while still being easy to install and simple to understand. The developers of Rancher come from thoughtful distributed systems companies and it shows in their product.""

Topper Bowers,
Director of Engineering,

"After trying several other orchestration solutions we found Rancher to be the most feature rich, stable and well-designed system out there. Not only does it provide powerful console integrations for our developers, they tie it together with a super easy to use interface that makes it a joy to work with!"

Rik Nauta

"Rancher has made running and migrating to Docker "Simpler, Better, faster" right from inception all the way to Production. The entire Rancher Suite is reliable with rapid time to deliver for services. I have not found a better collection of services and support from any other provider. It is an awesome product and suite".

Greg Van Wyngaard,
Systems Architect,

"Rancher saved us a ton of time while bringing Docker into production. Rancher's core concepts are intuitive enough that we could get up and running in less than a day. As a result, we now can introduce new services with little to no operational overhead."

Michael Wasser,

"Rancher solves all of the critical issues for running containers in production, including host management, container networking, managing load balancers, resource tagging, scheduling, and scaling workloads. The UI is beautiful, and makes it so easy to get running with Docker."

Alex Trauzzi,
Bit Space Development

"We considered a number of container management platforms before deciding to deploy Rancher. It is a simple, practical and fully functional container provisioning platform. Rancher’s UI makes managing containers appear simple, but the software is actually incredibly powerful. With Rancher we can achieve enterprise-scale container deployments instantly. Rancher is a fantastic product, with a bright future."

Bingli Shi,
R&D Center, VP of
United Electronics

"Rancher is a powerful and easy-to-use container deployment and management platform. Rancher is a great choice for companies looking to quickly deploy and use containers in the cloud. RancherOS is a complete OS for supporting containers. The design philosophy of Rancher and RancherOS is excellent."

James Dai,
CTO of

"Rancher is a user friendly container management platform with broad functionality. It is easy to deploy, supports container ecosystems such as Kubernetes and Mesos, and also provides an excellent container data persistence solution. The architecture of Rancher is light weight which is in line with how we are deploying containers. Rancher makes container management easy and convenient."

- Qin He,
System Engineer of

"Before we started using Rancher, I needed a few days to install and deploy a new software package. Now, leveraging the Rancher Catalog, I can deploy an application in minutes. It is very fast and incredibly easy."

Tony Huo,
Senior Engineer, Tianhe2 (www.nscc-gz.cn)

"Linksame develops software for large enterprises. Introducing Rancher has dramatically reduced the difficulty of our product development and management processes. We’re using Rancher and Docker to improve all aspects of developing and maintaining our software platform."

Nengwei Yao,
General Manager & Founder of
Linksame Inc.

"Since we started using Docker, we have tried a number of tools to simplify the orchestration of containers so that our developers get the greatest level of flexibility. We chose Rancher, because it exposes the native Docker tool set while adding a powerful set of tools around it. We have used Rancher to isolate and manage all of our games running in AWS."

Alister Galpin,
Server Engineer,
Cerebralfix, Ltd

"After trying several approaches, getting to know Rancher has dramatically improved the way we work. Rancher is an open-source project that makes it possible to deploy our complex solution across multiple computing clusters for various clients without adding a big learning layer on top of Docker concepts... what more can you ask for ?"

Romain Di Giorgio,

"When building the Nuxeo cloud infrastructure, we tried several approaches for managing Docker based deployment; we even started building our own container orchestration system. Rancher provides a simple abstraction with a good API and administration UI to manage Containers as a service while allowing us the freedom to use Docker Swarm or Kubernetes if needed."

Thierry Delprat,

"Rancher is not only a turnkey solution for containers; it's a total shift in the way the new cloud is approached. We have had great success where continuous delivery is key and the platform is utilised by all users types from developer to product owner."

Chris Fordham,
Cloud Platform Architect,
Industrie IT

Rancher is a complete, open source platform for deploying and managing containers in production. It includes commercially-supported distributions of Kubernetes, Mesos, and Docker Swarm, making it easy to run containerized applications on any infrastructure.

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An all-in-one platform that delights users.

From the ground up, Rancher was designed to solve all of the critical challenges necessary to run all of your applications in containers. Rancher provides a full set of infrastructure services for containers, including networking, storage services, host management, load balancing and more. All of these services work across any infrastructure, and make it simple to reliably deploy and manage applications.

Now available in fabulous Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm flavors.

Scheduling is at the heart of container management. With Rancher 1.0 we’ve brought together three of the most popular container scheduling tools into a single platform. Users can now choose between Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm when they deploy environments. Rancher automatically stands up the cluster, enforces access control policies, and provides a complete UI for managing the cluster.

Happier Devs. Happier Ops.

DevOps teams are often the first group that implement Rancher within an organization. Rancher plays a critical role in the software development pipeline, working with CI/CD tools to automate all aspects of software deployments into test, staging and production environments. Ops teams love the visibility Rancher provides into hosts, containers, networking and storage. Making it simple to troubleshoot issues and deliver reliable deployments.

An App Catalog You’ll Actually Use

Enterprise application catalogs are almost always awful. Templates rarely work, apps are out of date, and god forbid you ever want to upgrade. So when we decided to build an app catalog in Rancher, we rethought the entire experience from the ground up. Rancher’s app catalog stores app templates in native Docker Compose, Mesos, or Kubernetes files, and keeps them in a central Git repo. Catalogs can be private or public, and they allow users to configure exactly how they want their services deployed, and when they want them to upgrade.

View some of our catalog items.

Enterprise Ready? Check.

As an open-source platform, Rancher is popular with companies of all sizes. However, our largest users typically have a long list of requirements they need to make sure Rancher supports in order to satisfy auditors and security teams. We’ve made sure Rancher supports all of these, including role-based access control, integration with LDAP and Active Directories, detailed audit logs, high-availability management servers, encrypted networking, and of course the option to purchase enterprise-grade 24x7x365 support.

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Rancher is deployed as a Docker container, and can be launched on any server or virtual machine running Docker.