At Rancher Labs we love containers, and love the experience they bring to developers. We love their portability, ease-of-use, and rich ecosystem support. We believe containers are on the verge of turning from developer’s favorite tool to the de-facto large-scale production platform. So we have built tools that help organizations run their applications and services on herds of containers that can roam across clouds.



Rancher is open source software that provides a platform for operating Docker in production.

Designed to integrate the development and operations processes, Rancher complements native Docker functionality to provide a platform of infrastructure services, monitoring and management tools for organizations running Docker at scale.



A minimalist distribution of Linux designed from the ground up to run Docker containers.

At 20 MB, RancherOS is a tiny Linux distro that runs Docker as the init system. By running all system services and user applications as containers, we’ve built an OS that is perfectly suited to run containers.