The configuration to launch a droplet in DigitalOcean using machine. Rancher is calling docker-machine, so any available options in docker-machine for specific drivers are exposed in Rancher. The default fields from docker-machine are not listed in the Rancher API, and they can be found in the docker-machine documentation.

Resource Fields

Writeable Fields

Field Type Create Update Default Notes
accessToken string Optional - -  
backups boolean Optional - -  
image string Optional - ubuntu-16-04-x64  
ipv6 boolean Optional - -  
privateNetworking boolean Optional - -  
region string Optional - nyc3 The region to use when launching the host
size string Optional - 512mb  
sshKeyFingerprint string Optional - -  
sshKeyPath string Optional - -  
sshPort string Optional - 22 The port to ssh into the host
sshUser string Optional - root The ssh username to use to ssh into the host
userdata string Optional - -  

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