An identity is Rancher’s representation of an object(i.e. ldap_group, github_user) when Rancher has turned on access control. The externalId in an identity is the unique identifier in the authentication system that represents the object. The role of an identity is always null unless it is being returned as the identity of a projectMember.

Resource Fields

Writeable Fields

Field Type Create Update Default Notes
all string Optional - -  
externalId string Yes - -  
externalIdType string Yes - -  
login string Optional - -  
name string Optional - -  
profilePicture string Optional - -  
profileUrl string Optional - -  
projectId project Optional - -  
role string Optional - -  

Read Only Fields

Field Type Notes
id string The unique identifier for the identity

Please read more about the common resource fields. These fields are read only and applicable to almost every resource. We have segregated them from the list above.

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