Service Alias

By adding a service alias, it provides the ability to point to service aliases instead of directly at services.

Adding Service Aliases in the UI

Inside your stack, you add a service alias by clicking on the dropdown icon next to the Add Service button. Select Service Alias. Alternatively, if you are viewing the stacks at the stack level, the same Add Service dropdown is visible for each specific stack.

You will need to provide a Name and if desired, Description of the service. The Name will be the service alias for the service that you select.

Select the target(s) that you want to add the alias to. The list of available targets is any service that is already created in the stack. Finally, click Create.

The list of services that the alias is serving is shown in the service view. Just like our services, you will need to have the service alias started before it is working.

Adding/Removing services

At any time, you can edit the services in a service alias. Click on the Edit within the service’s dropdown menu. You will have the ability to add more services to the alias or remove existing services.

Adding Service Aliases with Rancher Compose

A service alias creates a pointer to service(s). In the example below, web[.stack-name.rancher.internal] will resolve to the IPs of the containers of web1 and web2. The rancher/dns-service is not an actual image, but is required for the docker-compose.yml. There are no containers created for alias services.

Example docker-compose.yml

version: '2'
    image: rancher/dns-service
    - web1
    - web2

    image: nginx

    image: nginx