What are Accounts?

Every user who has access to Rancher has an account in Rancher. For local authentication setups, you create accounts for users, where as for other authentication providers, an account is created for the user when they have logged into Rancher.

Active Directory/GitHub/OpenLDAP Authentication

When Active Directory, Azure AD, GitHub, or OpenLDAP authentication is enabled, the Accounts tab displays the list of users who have logged in and authenticated against Rancher. In order to log in, they must be either given the privilege to have the site access or added to an environment.

Local Authentication

When local authentication is enabled, accounts can be added to Rancher in the Accounts tab. Click the Add Account button to add accounts into the Rancher database. When creating accounts, the account type can be specified as an admin or user.

Account Types

The account type determines whether or not an account will have access to the admin tab. For each environment in Rancher, there are membership roles that provide different level of access for a specific environment.


The first user that authenticates Rancher becomes an admin of Rancher. Only admins will have permissions to view the Admin tab.

When managing environment, admins have the ability to view all the environments in Rancher even if the admin is not added as a member to the environment. In an admin’s environment drop-down menu, the members will only see the environments that they are on the membership list.

Admins can add other users to be an admin of Rancher. They can change a user’s role on the Admin > Accounts page after the user has logged into Rancher. In the Admin > Accounts tab, click Edit next to the account name and change the account type to Admin. Click Save.


Besides the user that authenticates Rancher, any other user will automatically be added with user permissions. They will not be able to see the Admin tab.

They will only be able to view the environments that they are members of.