Machine Drivers

Docker-machine drivers can be added into Rancher so that they can be available to add hosts into Rancher. Only an admin can change which machine drivers are visible, which can be located in Admin -> Machine Drivers.

The active machine drivers are the only options that are displayed on the Infrastructure -> Add Hosts page. By default, Rancher provides many machine-drivers, which only a subset are Active in our UI.

Adding Machine Drivers

You can easily add your own machine-driver by clicking on Add Machine Driver.

  1. Provide the Download URL. This URL is the machine driver binary 64-bit Linux.
  2. (Optional) Provide a Custom UI URL to load a customized Add Hosts screen for the driver. The ui-driver-skel repository has more info on how to set it up.
  3. (Optional) Provide the Checksum to verify the downloaded driver matches the expected checksum.
  4. When complete, click Create.

After clicking on create, Rancher adds the additional driver and will display this option in the Driver field of adding other hosts or with a custom image (if provided).