Private Registry with Kubernetes in Rancher

If you are running Rancher with no internet access or Rancher does not have access to DockerHub (i.e. and Google Container Registry (i.e., then the pod infra container image and Kubernetes add-ons will not be installed. You will need to configure Kubernetes to point to a private registry for installing the Kubernetes add-ons and the pod infra container image.

Private Registry Requirements

Rancher expects the private registry to mirror DockerHub (i.e and Google Container Registry (i.e.

Pod Infra Container Image

When configuring Kubernetes, Rancher uses an image whose network/ipc namespaces will be used in each pod.

# Located as a default value in the k8s templates
Kubernetes Add-Ons

The namespace/name:tag is expected to be consistent the images in the Rancher add-on templates.

To retrieve the exact image versions needed for the Kubernetes version that is tied to the Rancher server version you are running, you can use the script inside the scripts directory in the rancher/rancher repository. To show the Kubernetes addons images, you need to specify the --k8saddons flag. See an example below:

# We need python to run the script
$ docker run -ti python:2.7 bash
# Clone the rancher repository
$ git clone
# Install required python modules
$ cd rancher/scripts/print-catalog-images/
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
Successfully installed ...
# Run the script to print the needed images, specify --k8saddons to list Kubernetes addons
$ ./ -v 1.6.14 --k8saddons
Rancher Version: 1.6.14
Catalog URL:
Catalog Branch: v1.6-release
k8s: v1.8.5-rancher4
    - busybox
    - rancher/lb-service-rancher:v0.7.17
    - rancher/k8s:v1.8.5-rancher4
    - rancher/etcd:v2.3.7-13
    - rancher/kubectld:v0.8.5
    - rancher/etc-host-updater:v0.0.3
    - rancher/kubernetes-agent:v0.6.6
    - rancher/kubernetes-auth:v0.0.8
    - k8s-dns-sidecar-amd64:1.14.5
    - heapster-grafana-amd64:v4.4.3
    - k8s-dns-kube-dns-amd64:1.14.5
    - tiller:v2.6.1
    - heapster-amd64:v1.4.0
    - kubernetes-dashboard-amd64:v1.8.0
    - heapster-influxdb-amd64:v1.3.3
    - k8s-dns-dnsmasq-nanny-amd64:1.14.5
Images for Helm
# Located in the helm/tiller-deploy.yaml
image: <$PRIVATE_REGISTRY>/kubernetes-helm/tiller:<VERSION>
Images for Dashboard
# Located in the dashboard/dashboard-controller.yaml
image: <$PRIVATE_REGISTRY>/google_containers/kubernetes-dashboard-amd64:<VERSION>
Images for Heapster
# Located in the heapster/heapster-controller.yaml
image: <$PRIVATE_REGISTRY>/google_containers/heapster:<VERSION>

# Located in the heapster/influx-grafana-controller.yaml
image: <$PRIVATE_REGISTRY>/kubernetes/heapster_influxdb:<VERSION>
image: <$PRIVATE_REGISTRY>/google_containers/heapster_grafana:<VERSION>
Images for kube-dns
# Located in the dns/kubedns-controller.yaml.sed
image: <$PRIVATE_REGISTRY>/google_containers/k8s-dns-kube-dns-amd64:<VERSION>
image: <$PRIVATE_REGISTRY>/google_containers/k8s-dns-dnsmasq-nanny-amd64:<VERSION>
image: <$PRIVATE_REGISTRY>/google_containers/k8s-dns-sidecar-amd64:<VERSION>
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