Available as of v1.3

When you have built your own docker registries, and have cached the rancher/os and other os-services images, something like a normal docker pull rancher/os can be cached as docker pull dockerhub.mycompanyname.com/docker.io/rancher/os.

However, you need a way to inject a prefix into RancherOS for installation or service pulls. RancherOS supports a global prefix you can add to force ROS to always use your mirror.

You can config a global image prefix:

ros config set rancher.environment.REGISTRY_DOMAIN xxxx.yyy

Then you check the os list:

$ ros os list
xxxx.yyy/rancher/os:v1.3.0 remote latest running
xxxx.yyy/rancher/os:v1.2.0 remote available

Also you can check consoles:

$ ros console switch ubuntu
Switching consoles will
1. destroy the current console container
2. log you out
3. restart Docker
Continue [y/N]: y
Pulling console (xxxx.yyy/rancher/os-ubuntuconsole:v1.3.0)...

If you want to reset this setting:

ros config set rancher.environment.REGISTRY_DOMAIN docker.io