A few services are containers in created state. Their purpose is to provide volumes for other services.


Provides user accessible persistent storage directories, used by console service:

/var/lib/kubelet - Added as of v1.2

Available as of v1.2

If you want to change user-volumes, for example, add /etc/kubernetes directory:

$ sudo ros config set rancher.services.user-volumes.volumes  [/home:/home,/opt:/opt,/var/lib/kubelet:/var/lib/kubelet,/etc/kubernetes:/etc/kubernetes]
$ sudo reboot

Please note that after the restart, the new persistence directory can take effect.


Provides docker storage directory, used by console service (and, indirectly, by docker)



Provides necessary command binaries (read-only), used by system services:



Provides necessary persistent directories, used by system services:



Combines all of the above, used by the console service.