Resource Fields

Writeable Fields

Field Type Create Update Default Notes
enabled boolean - Yes -  

Read Only Fields

Field Type Notes
clusterSize int  
dbHost string  
dbSize int  

Please read more about the common resource fields. These fields are read only and applicable to almost every resource. We have segregated them from the list above.


UpdatePUT: /v2-beta/projects/${PROJECT_ID}/haConfigs/${ID}

-X PUT \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
	"enabled": false
}' 'http://${RANCHER_URL}:8080/v2-beta/projects/${PROJECT_ID}/haConfigs/${ID}'


createscript POST: /v2-beta/projects/${PROJECT_ID}/haConfigs/${ID}?action=createscript

Input: HaConfigInput

Field Type Required Default Notes
cert   No    
certChain   No    
clusterSize   No 3  
hostRegistrationUrl   Yes    
httpEnabled   No true  
httpPort   No 80  
httpsPort   No 443  
key   No    
ppHttpPort   No 81  
ppHttpsPort   No 444  
redisPort   No 6379  
swarmEnabled   No true  
swarmPort   No 2376  
zookeeperClientPort   No 2181  
zookeeperLeaderPort   No 3888  
zookeeperQuorumPort   No 2888  

-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
	"cert": "string",
	"certChain": "string",
	"clusterSize": 3,
	"hostRegistrationUrl": "string",
	"httpEnabled": true,
	"httpPort": 80,
	"httpsPort": 443,
	"key": "string",
	"ppHttpPort": 81,
	"ppHttpsPort": 444,
	"redisPort": 6379,
	"swarmEnabled": true,
	"swarmPort": 2376,
	"zookeeperClientPort": 2181,
	"zookeeperLeaderPort": 3888,
	"zookeeperQuorumPort": 2888
}' 'http://${RANCHER_URL}:8080/v2-beta/projects/${PROJECT_ID}/haConfigs/${ID}?action=createscript'

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