Resource Fields

Writeable Fields

Field Type Create Update Default Notes
accessMode enum Yes - unrestricted The options are unrestricted, restricted, required.
allowedIdentities array[identity] Optional - -  
connectionTimeout int Yes - 1000  
domain string Yes - -  
enabled boolean Optional - -  
groupMemberMappingAttribute string Optional - memberOf  
groupNameField string Yes - name  
groupObjectClass string Yes - group  
groupSearchDomain string Optional - -  
groupSearchField string Yes - sAMAccountName  
loginDomain string Optional - -  
port int Yes - 389  
server string Yes - -  
serviceAccountPassword string Yes - -  
serviceAccountUsername string Yes - -  
tls boolean Yes - -  
userDisabledBitMask int Optional - 2  
userEnabledAttribute string Optional - userAccountControl  
userLoginField string Yes - sAMAccountName  
userMemberAttribute string Optional - memberOf  
userNameField string Yes - name  
userObjectClass string Yes - person  
userSearchField string Yes - sAMAccountName  

Read Only Fields

Field Type Notes
name string  

Please read more about the common resource fields. These fields are read only and applicable to almost every resource. We have segregated them from the list above.


CreatePOST: /v2-beta/projects/${PROJECT_ID}/ldapconfigs

-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{
	"accessMode": "unrestricted",
	"allowedIdentities": "array[identity]",
	"connectionTimeout": 1000,
	"domain": "string",
	"enabled": false,
	"groupMemberMappingAttribute": "memberOf",
	"groupNameField": "name",
	"groupObjectClass": "group",
	"groupSearchDomain": "string",
	"groupSearchField": "sAMAccountName",
	"loginDomain": "string",
	"port": 389,
	"server": "string",
	"serviceAccountPassword": "string",
	"serviceAccountUsername": "string",
	"tls": false,
	"userDisabledBitMask": 2,
	"userEnabledAttribute": "userAccountControl",
	"userLoginField": "sAMAccountName",
	"userMemberAttribute": "memberOf",
	"userNameField": "name",
	"userObjectClass": "person",
	"userSearchField": "sAMAccountName"
}' 'http://${RANCHER_URL}:8080/v2-beta/projects/${PROJECT_ID}/ldapconfigs'

UpdatePUT: /v2-beta/projects/${PROJECT_ID}/ldapconfigs/${ID}

-X PUT \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{}' 'http://${RANCHER_URL}:8080/v2-beta/projects/${PROJECT_ID}/ldapconfigs/${ID}'
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