Machines are created whenever Rancher uses docker-machine to create hosts in Rancher. Adding any type of host through the UI that is not the custom command option is calling docker-machine and a machine entry will be created as well as a host.

Resource Fields

Writeable Fields

Field Type Create Update Default Notes
description string Optional Yes -  
name string Optional Yes -  

Read Only Fields

Field Type Notes
amazonec2Config amazonec2Config  
authCertificateAuthority string  
authKey string  
azureConfig azureConfig  
data map[json]  
digitaloceanConfig digitaloceanConfig  
dockerVersion string  
driver string  
engineEnv map[string]  
engineInsecureRegistry array[string]  
engineInstallUrl string  
engineLabel map[string]  
engineOpt map[string]  
engineRegistryMirror array[string]  
engineStorageDriver string  
externalId string  
hostTemplateId hostTemplate  
id int The unique identifier for the machine
labels map[string] A map of key value pairs to be used as labels for the machine
packetConfig packetConfig  

Please read more about the common resource fields. These fields are read only and applicable to almost every resource. We have segregated them from the list above.

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