Resource Fields

Writeable Fields

Field Type Create Update Default Notes
cidrSize int Yes - 24  
description string Optional Yes -  
endAddress string Optional - -  
gateway string Optional - -  
name string Optional Yes -  
networkAddress string Yes - -  
startAddress string Optional - -  

Read Only Fields

Field Type Notes
accountId account The unique identifier for the associated account
created date The date of when the subnet was created.
data map[json]  
id int The unique identifier for the subnet
kind string  
networkId network  
removeTime date The date and time of when the subnet was removed
removed date The date of when the subnet was removed
state enum The current state of the subnet. The options are activating, active, deactivating, inactive, purged, purging, registering, removed, removing, requested, updating-active, updating-inactive.
transitioning enum Whether or not the subnet is in a transitioning state
transitioningMessage string The message to show while in a transitioning state
transitioningProgress int The percentage remaining in the transitioning process of the subnet
uuid string The universally unique identifier for the subnet. This will always be unique across Rancher installations.

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