Adding Azure Hosts

Rancher supports provisioning Microsoft Azure hosts using docker machine.

Launching Azure Host(s)

  1. Select the number of hosts you want to launch using the slider.
  2. Provide a Name and if desired, Description for the host.
  3. Provide the Account Access information from your Azure account. This includes Username, Password, Subscription ID and Subscription Certificate.

    Note: If you paste in your subscription certificate, it must be a base64 string.

  4. Select the Image that you want launched. Whatever docker machine supports for Azure is also supported by Rancher.
  5. Select the Size of the image.
  6. Update the SSH port, Docker port and Docker Swarm Master Port if they will be different from the default.
  7. Add your Publish Settings File.
  8. Select which Region your Azure resources are part of.
  9. (Optional) Add labels to hosts to help organize your hosts and to schedule services/load balancers or to program external DNS records using an IP other than the host IP.
  10. (Optional) In Advanced Options, customize your docker-machine create command with Docker engine options.
  11. When complete, click Create.

Once you click on create, Rancher will create the Azure virtual machine and launch the rancher-agent container in the droplet. In a couple of minutes, the host will be active and available to start adding services.