Adding Hosts from Other Cloud Providers

Rancher supports provisioning from other cloud providers using docker-machine. The other cloud providers have a generic UI, which provides all the options in docker-machine, and we only require the necessary parameters.

Please review the Docker Machine defaults for the driver you selected to confirm that you are okay with the defaults.

Adding Additional Drivers

If you’d like to add other drivers to your Rancher instance, an admin will need to add them in our machine drivers page.

Launching Other Host(s)

Select the Other icon in the Add Host page.

  1. Select the number of hosts you want to launch using the slider.
  2. Provide a Name and if desired, Description for the host.
  3. Select the type of Driver that you’d like to use.
  4. Based on your Driver, the Driver Options section will be populated according to the available options in docker-machine.
  5. (Optional) Add labels to hosts to help organize your hosts and to schedule services/load balancers or to program external DNS records using an IP other than the host IP.
  6. (Optional) Customize your docker-machine create command with Docker engine options.
  7. When complete, click Create.

Once you click on create, Rancher will create start a VM in your selected Driver using docker-machine and launch the rancher-agent container in the VM. In a couple of minutes, the host will be active and available for services.